Meet the world’s poorest president

It’s a common grumble that politicians’ lifestyles are far removed from those of their electorate. Not so in Uruguay. Meet the president – who lives on a ramshackle farm and gives away most of his pay. President Mujica has shunned the luxurious house that the Uruguayan state provides for its leaders and opted to stay […]

Use airtime effectively for your success

With growing trends in information  technology is becoming  cheap and  in one way or the other you are often  required to purchase airtime for  the following purposes ; For your mobile phone if you own one For a friend’s phone in case you wish to borrow one For a friend’s phone to call you. For […]

Five barriers of effective communication

 Effective communication is about establishing an efficient communication link with other people to enable easy exchange of information for decision making.  In your journey of life you will always require information or ideas from other people to assist you in overcoming your daily challenges. When you are armed with right information and ideas, you are […]

It Matters How You Say It

Non verbal communication is a critical aspect of getting your message across to your audience. There are only two aspects of communication; verbal and non-verbal. Communication is thus not complete with only one aspect. The research by Dr. Albert Mehrabian from University of California, Los Angeles confirms the following; Only 7 percent of any interaction […]

Effective communication is a must for your success

Effective communication is a must for your success

Communication is the process of exchanging information at appropriate time using various communications means in order to meet a given purpose. Communication is only complete or effective when the receiver understands the message for purposes of acting on it. You cannot therefore succeed in life unless you learn to communicate in a way that ensures […]