The board of directors holds ultimate responsibility for the success of the company

The success of modern corporate organization depends on how well the different boards and management teams answers the following three key questions as an   organization exists in perpetuity; What is the current state of the organization and why is the organization in that state? How the does the organizations move from the current state to […]

Board of directors: Enhancing their effectiveness

Board of directors, Enhancing their effectiveness

The board of directors is the ultimate decision making body of an organization responsible for overall policy  decisions and provision of oversight function except for matters reserved for  the shareholders during the  general meeting. The board of directors can only be effective if its functions are clearly spelt out to them during their engagement as […]

The importance of today’s board of directors cannot be minimized

A corporate organisation should have an effective and experienced board of directors in order to succeed in business. Having an effective and experienced board is easier said than done as it is an uphill task to have one in place.  It takes time, effort and financial resources of an organization during the process of searching […]

The role of the board of directors is to make the organization move forward

  The board has delegated authority  from the shareholders to pursue their mission with determination. The board of directors    is therefore responsible for creating a plan to move the organization from its current state to the desired future state.  The challenge is often not planning but failing to implement strategic and business plans. This can […]

A close look at board of directors

board of directors

Effective delegation of authority to the board of directors The shareholders of the company wants a board which will help the company achieve its mission. The mission of the company as understood by the shareholders plays a key role in selection of the caliber and mix  of board members hence the effectiveness of the board. […]