Success in life is about walking your own journey guided by the Success Formula.

In order to succeed in life you have to start your journey towards success. Success will not come to you unless you are looking for it.  It is attracted by people who are searching for it day and night without giving up.  Success is attracted by people who are prepared to receive it.  Have you embarked on your journey to success? Are you ready to receive success?  The following ideas will for sure help you to walk with determination towards success;

Personal Choice: Success or failure in life is always a personal choice and therefore do not be deceived otherwise

  1. Mind: Your journey to the world of success starts in your mind which you have the power to  program in a success mode.
  2. Positive Mindset people: It is a positive mindset towards various life and business situations that will guarantee you success.
  3. Negative Mindset People: Negative mindset attitude towards various life and business situations cannot lead you to the success world.You cannot attain sustainable success in life from a negative point of view.
  4. Dreaming Big: You should train your mind to dream big viable ideas that will help you achieve your mission in life. It is difficult to succeed in life if you do not dream.
  5. Mission in life: Do not walk through the world without knowing exactly what your purpose is life is. You are created and endowed with blessings for a reason – to succeed in life.
  6. Discovering your blessings in life: You have to discover and capitalise on your blessings during your journey to success.
  7. Keeping on Highway: Once you have correctly programmed your mind, discovered your blessings and focused your mind on your mission  you are on a right highway to the world of  success
  8. Belief: You need unwavering belief & confidence in yourself that you can do it. From my personal experience your journey will become easier if you seek divine guidance from the Creator of the Universe.
  9. Action: Take decisive action on your mission otherwise your mission will remain on the wish list.
  10. Review: Take some time to review your progress to ensure you are still on cours
  11. Success Formula: In conclusion to succeed in life you have to follow the following success formula.



Enjoy a wonderful journey to the world of success.

Author: John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited