Success in life is your personal choice and no one can force it on you

You can take a cow to the water but you cannot force it to drink the water. You may spend a bit of time at the water waiting for cows to drink but still some may go without drinking. In the world of success you are your own master and no one can force you to succeed except yourself. Neither your parents nor others people who come into your life can force you to succeed in life. They may only try to inspire you to take action towards success. There are also requirements that you need to meet in order to succeed in life and these include the following;

Personal mission or goal

You can only achieve success if you have a personal mission or a goal you want to achieve in life.  I have come across many people who are living their life without a clear mission or goal and yet they dream of succeeding in life. You can only achieve something in life if you define it and focus your mind on it. Success is not a game of chance as it involves one focusing on his or her mission and walking towards it with determination.

Positive mindset

Your mental and emotional attitude should be focused on success side of life in order for one to expect success in life.  You can only achieve what your mind has focused on. You cannot pass an examination if your mind is focused on failing examination. You have to focus on positive side of passing on examination in order to accumulate the energy to enable you overcome any obstacle in the way of success.

Time management

The scarcest commodity is time to do everything you would wish to do. You are on planet earth for a short period within which you have to achieve the purpose of your creation.  Therefore you have to use your time very effective   in doing those things that will contribute towards your success in life. Do not do things which you can effectively delegate to others to do for you so that you can save time to concentrate on priority areas. Remember so many people are willing to support in achieving your mission provided you also help them to achieve theirs.

Learning process

I have been learning since I was born and I do not see an end it until my creator recalls me from this world. Learning becomes a must   as everything around is changing with time.  If we do not continuously learn to adopt to change, we will soon become outdated and irrelevant for the modern world. We have therefore to continuously read what the print, internet and social media are offering in the area of our chosen mission in order to enhance our capacity to succeed in life. We have also to share knowledge with others so that others can share their knowledge with us. We also learn a lot through travelling around the world and I am a witness to this. But do not rush through the world without taking some time to learn new ways of doing things in the country or place you have visited.

Taking Action

We are all good at dreaming big or building wonderful castles in our mind. A number of people can advise you on what to in order to succeed in life when the same people have not used any of their ideas for their personal success. These people have knowledge but they do know how to use for their success. Many educated people suffer a lot from it. Success in life is about taking action on the dreams you have selected in order to help you achieve your mission. Taking action also enables  us learn on how to overcome our challenges in life. Taking action also enables us to accumulate experience that enables us to take informed decision in future.

Ability to identify hidden opportunities in challenges

We should practice seeing challenges in the mirror of opportunities that we can be inspired to take action to overcome them for our personal success   and the community at large. Remember all useful discoveries and inventions of man were in response to the challenges at the time.  Therefore to succeed in life you have to be prepared to exploit the opportunities created by challenges that enable you overcome as you move along.

Exploiting your blessings in life

We are all gifted or blessed by the Master of Destiny but differently. As a result we are able to achieve different things in life when exploiting the opportunities created by challenges. This creates a unique competitive advantage for each human being. No two human beings are the same when it comes to blessings in life. But the challenge in life is often for one to discover his or her blessings in life. Many of us spend too much on discovering areas we are not gifted in instead of spending that valuable time in discovering areas we are gifted in. This is important as chances of success are high when you focus on opportunities that are in line with your blessing in life. For example you are better off to focus on opportunities that are in the area of sports if you gifted in any sport or sports.

Author: John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited