Success is about surrounding yourself with the best people

Success is about surrounding yourself with the best people

Your success in life very much depends on the team that you surround yourself with in your organisation. The team will either pull backwards or propel you forward towards the achievement of your mission. You have to engage people with positive mindset about various life situations in order to create an environment of implementing a multi-disciplinary approach to overcoming challenges.


Give them capacity

Your team must be reprogrammed to have a positive mindset towards various life situations. You have to equip your team with the necessary capacity to enable the team meet the needs of the customers. They will need the right skills and the latest relevant information to enable them produce quality goods and services which meet the needs of the customer.


Create winning team

The team must have a winning spirit despite the challenges along the way. Temporary failures must not discourage the team. To win the team must be inspired to walk an extra mile. The team has to be creative and innovative in order to produce unique quality goods and services which meet the needs of the customers.


Delegate as much as you can

Once you train and assign roles to your team members, you have to give time to your team to deliver with minimal interference from you.  Your role will remain that of inspiring your team to succeed. The management information system must be robust enough to give feedback to the team members on their performance.


Give formal feedback to the team and Take action on the challenges

On agreed intervals you should give formal feedback to the team. The feedback session also gives you an opportunity to listen to the challenges which the team is facing and finding difficult to overcome. The results of the formal feedback session may also call for additional capacity building for the team.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited



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