Success is about focusing on meeting customer needs

I have always found it challenging to understand customers’ needs for purposes  of providing right and relevant solutions to the needs. The customers’ needs are as many as the customers in the market. Each customer has unique needs that have to be carefully understood in order to provide innovative  and relevant solutions.  For high level  guidance I have prepared the following list of key customer’s needs for your general guidance;

  1. Supplier with aligned core values;
  2. Solutions within the customer’s budget;
  3. Solutions that will improve customer’s  efficiency levels;
  4. Solutions that enable the customer to meet  goals;
  5. Convenience of solutions  in terms of use and handling;
  6. Proper solutions that meet customers’ standards and also easy to use;
  7. Suppliers with adequate experience;
  8. The customers expect fairness from suppliers;
  9. The customers expect transparency;
  10. The solutions should make customers more in control of the business;
  11. Reliable solutions that will function as demonstrated ;
  12. They want solutions that are safe to use;
  13. Customers expect update information about the solutions provided by suppliers;
  14. Solutions that will solve a given problem;
  15. They need solutions that will make them feel good;
  16. Easy to acquire experience when using  the solutions;
  17. Customers need solutions that are in line with  their social status and
  18. They want solutions that are properly packaged.


We have no choice except to fully understand  the customers’ needs  in order to offer them with innovative solutions that  make them more competitive on the market.

Author : John Muhaise Bikalemesa