Success in life is your  personal  responsibility

We are in this world to achieve our  purpose in life that  entails moving from our current unsatisfactory  state to our  desired future state.  Success is only  possible  if  our    purpose in life  and  our  desired future state  are  clear enough which tends not to be the case. There is    therefore  a need  for us  to  ascertain   our   purpose in life and  desired future state.

Therefore take some time to ascertain  your  purpose in life  that  will help you in developing  a plan to guide you to your  desired future state.

We are all gifted in life in different ways that explains why so many people can achieve success  though  offering the same products and services. Your design of purpose in life  should exploit  your blessings in life.

Prepare a plan or guide for  your journey to move you  from current state to desired future . But remember plans  are inactive unless  deliberate action is taken to implement them.

However  do not be too much in a hurry in developing and implementing your  plan  unless you plan  to fail. You can safely reach your destination if you take  a step by step approach to your journey   at a  speed  you can manage.

Certainly you will come face to face with challenges and failures as you move  along your journey  to your  desired destination. Be ready  to  confront and overcome  them.   It is important to learn from your own failures in order to confidently move forward.

Failure  in life is sometime self inflicted.  It is like allowing a poisonous  snake to bite  you when you are  holding a stick in your hand. You should use the stick in your hand to kill the snake before it bites you.

Your  journey  to the world of  success is like heading to the battle front , you have to be properly prepared and  adequately armed. Be prepared to use the  arms and tools  at your disposal  when confronted with challenges.

I wish you success in your life journey.

Author: John Muhaise Bikalemesa