Success in life depends on your mindset

Success in life depends on your mindset

I have come to learn through life experience that achievement of personal goals depends on your mindset.  There are so many brilliant ideas about business which go through my mind on a daily basis.  I have in the past   implemented quite a number of ideas in area of farming on random basis without much success.  Farming is my hobby number one and I can do anything when it comes to farming. For example when I decide to grow maize, I work around the clock on the farm to make sure maize is grown.  I came to learn that success cannot come to you by chance unless it is engraved in your mind.


Hard work alone cannot deliver success

I believed for some time that hard work on my farm would bring me success.  I always hoped through hard work success will come my way but it never.  I would therefore just drop the idea and jump on another one if I did success in the horizon. I have come to learn hard work alone cannot deliver success.


I have chosen ideas to implement on a random basis followed by hard work on idea selected. If I chose to plant maize I use all the land I have to plant maize.  The ideas I have unsuccessfully implemented included poultry, dairy farming, bee keeping, cage fish farming training, business incubation centre and inspiration talks among others. I hoped I would succeed in life through hard work but that has not been the case. I have come to learn that success in life is about focusing you on and implementing an idea or two in your area of blessings.

I also noticed some of my colleagues were doing much better than me despite the fact they worked less hours than me.  They had more time to rest and enjoy themselves.

About 2 years ago I was ordered to rest by my doctors because my health was declining as a result of too much hard work. After about six  months of rest I saw some energy returning into my body and I  timidly  asked the doctor whether it was okay for me  to supervise and do some light work on the farm To my surprise my doctor approved my request with strict instruction to report to hospital when I developed any complication. This was no problem because I had my mobile phone and a car and driver was on standby.  For sure I did not report to hospital for emergency for the two years I was on the farm.

I worked for about 3 hours per day and spent the remaining of the day resting. After a year I realised my health was improving and my farm was doing much better than previously when I worked very hard. I asked myself what had changed. After days of soul searching I realised the only thing which changed was focus of my mind. When I was on medical rest my mind was focused on preparing a farm to generate adequate revenue for my upkeep during retirement.  Do not forget privately in my mind I was also focused on preparing my final resting place in case the Creator recalled me. You can imagine the madness in my mind.  At last my mind was forced on success.

I have come to a conclusion that success in life is about the following;

  • Dreaming brilliant ideas
  • Selecting an idea or two in the area where you are both gifted and interested
  • Focusing your mind on success
  • Developing an achievable plan
  • Effective implementation of your plan
  • Regular review of your plan to ensure your are on course.

I finally come to a conclusion that success first takes place in the mind and finally delivered through an effective action plan. Hard work alone without success mindset did not produce the success I looked for. As a matter of interest I came to notice my neighbours on the farm  worked    hard  but did not stand a chance of succeeding in life    because  their  mind  was  focused on producing for  survival and no more.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited