Success and blessings come to those who are ready to receive them

Have you ever bothered to count the opportunities around you and following you wherever you go? You can see them, you hear people talking about them, you feel them like waters in the rivers and lakes, you smell them like spice plants and you touch them like stones but you do nothing about them. Remember you can exploit them for your success. Why haven’t you exploited the opportunities around you for your success? The answer is simple you cannot exploit the opportunities and overcome challenges unless you are in ready mode and prepared to do so. What do I mean by all this?   I can only explain what I mean by sharing my life experience on the farm. I have been on the farm on and off since I was four years old. As a child of about four years with my colleagues we were given small tins to collect coffee which had dropped down on the ground by our neighbour.  We were paid some money for every tin we collected. This is the starting point of my journey to the world of success.  As I grew up I came to realise the mission of every farmer was a bumper harvest of the crops they were growing.  I would hear them praying for the rain and sunshine at the various times of the year. Unfortunately the bumper harvest never came as result of prayers and talking. I later came to learn that the farmer did not get bumper harvest because they were not ready for it.  I later came to learn on how to get a bumper harvest of maize crop through trial and error until I perfected the act. I planned for it my mind.   I   ploughed the land early enough to allow the buried vegetation to rot and I spread animal manure all over the plough land for it to enter the soil. The second ploughing was always done about two weeks to the starting of rain season. The second ploughing was intended to break down the soil and to mix manure properly in the soil. I select the right maize for the area and type of the soil. I got advice from the National Research which was quite near my farm. The planting of the maize crop was done about a few days to the starting of the rain period to take advantage of the first rains. The weeding, pruning and addition fertilisation was done in time to allow for properly growth of the crop.  For weeding of over 40 acres of maize I got workers from over two hundred kilometres as the labour around was too expensive. The ready maize was harvested as soon as it was ready for harvesting.  I can assure I would always get a bumper harvest of maize whenever I planned for it.

What do you need to do to be ready?

For success and blessings to come to you, you have to be in a ready mode to receive them. To be in a ready mode you have to do at least the following among others;

Plan or mission in mind  

You must have a plan or mission in your mind as you cannot achieve sustainable success without a plan. There is no way you can build a house unless you have a plan in your mind to build a house. Some people may say that one can succeed in life through sheer luck. This is not possible. Even with lady luck you have to put yourself in a situation where lady luck will find you. Gamblers have to bet in order to have a chance of winning as it not possible to win without betting. In my situation on the farm I always had a plan for a bumper harvest of maize before I got the bumper harvest.

A plan can only work if there is a way to implement it

To succeed in your plan, you have to come up with an implementation plan to help you in moving from where you are to another ready position which will enable you to achieve your mission. You must clearly know where you are and where you want to go in order to come up with a meaningful implementation plan. The implementation plan must be broken down into meaningful activities which have to be performed during the process of moving towards your ready position. Your implementation plan should also anticipate   some key challenges along the way in order to develop effective strategies of overcoming the challenges. In my maize experience I had to put in place an implementation plan which led me to a bumper harvest.

Success is a result of determination and hard work

Success cannot find you in your comfort zone when you are in a relaxed position and having nothing serious in mind except relaxing and enjoyment. You cannot   win a competition from a comfort zone without any serious practice and hard work. Success will never find you in bed unless you are confined to bed by sickness, success will not find you in the bar drinking yourself silly and will not find you doing nothing. Success will only come to you when you are busy working hard and overcoming challenges while you are on your journey to your destination. In my maize case I could only have a bumper harvest when I had done everything necessary to get it.  Success is a reward for those who have tirelessly worked for it. The hard work may include a lot reading and research,  a lot of practice, a lot of experiments,   consultation of various people, hard exercises, risk taking decision and travelling to difficult areas among others all aimed at building your capacity to achieve your mission.


Thomas A Edison repeated the experiment 10,000 before he succeed with a light bulb, Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prisons being subjected to torture and work and he came out to become the first black President of South Africa,   the Wright Brothers risked their life until they invented the first successful plane and Abraham Lincoln failed in life some many times until he succeeded in becoming the President of United States of America. Therefore success and blessings only go to those who are ready to receive it. I can assure you it doesn’t go to cowards.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited