You cannot succeed in life unless you believe in yourself.

To succeed in life you have to see yourself as loved, accepted and thought well of by others and you have also to think well of ,  love and  accept  yourself as others do to you.

Whatever you achieve in life will very much depend on how well you think of yourself. Do you believe in yourself? If you think  others take you  as a failure in life then  you will end up being a failure in life.  You  have to project an image of success in yourself.

The following checklist will help you to know where you stand as far as believing in yourself is concerned;

  • Do you settle for ways less than your bargain in life?
  • Do you do any work for pay which is below your ability?
  • Do you convince yourself that there  are many  things  in life you cannot change
  •  Are you so much concerned about your weakness as opposed to your strengths?
  • Do you make sacrifice of your needs for others to achieve?


Source of self esteem image

Your self-esteem has developed throughout your life basing on experiences with different people and activities.


Do you listen to inner voice?

Your inner voice has an impact on your life on a daily base? Is your inner voice positive or negative?  To succeed in life you have to develop a positive inner voice.


How do you change your inner voice?

·         Challenge the negative messages of the inner voice and replace them with positive messages.

·         Treating yourself with the same understanding you would show others.

·         Get help from others to improve your self-esteem.

·         Surround yourself with positive people


People who believe in themselves are better able to recognize mistakes, learn from them and bounce back from disappointment. You cannot succeed in life unless you believe in yourself.




Atwijukire Deborah