Succeed in life by defining your own success

To succeed in life you need to change your mindset and then implement the Formula for Success mission on your terms.

Success is a moving target

When you achieve a given mission, an idea immediately comes to your mind to better or enhance your mission.


 Own terms

You cannot develop your own world which you have not defined and designed. You  therefore have to fix your own terms of success in the following areas;

Positive mindset

Develop a positive approach to varying life situations. A mindset to solve a problem has to be different from that which created it.


Mission in life

What mission do you want to achieve?   What sort of world do you want to create?


 Success formula

Once your mindset and mission are fixed, you are left with a simple task of simply implementing a success formula which you can fix on your terms.



Learn to celebrate every success in your life.


Author: John Muhaise-Bikalemesa,
Director Big Drum Advisory Services,