I shall not lack, for the Lord is my shepherd

I shall not lack, for the Lord is my shepherd

Father glorious Lord, Almighty heavenly King

I come to you Holy presence to praise and worship you Lord

I thank you Father for the gift of life

I thank you for this new day you have given me

I thank you Lord for your continuous blessings and protection

Lord you are my shepherd and I am your flock,

you are my great provider I shall never lack anything in life, for my hope and provision comes from you Lord

Guide me into the path of your righteousness, never to get lost , never to depart from you Lord

Create in me a clean heart oh God

Bring me closer to you than ever before today Lord

All my plans of today I surrender them into your hand Lord

Guide me and use me to do your will

Let me be a blessing to others Lord, for the praise and glory of your name

Open my eyes to see your goodness and let your light shine upon me today and forever. Amen

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