Self motivation for excellence

Self-motivation is the initiative to start or continue working on something without supervision. To achieve anything sustainable one has to be motivated towards a cause. Self-motivation comes from within. You can increase your motivation by;


Commit yourself to excel at everything you do. This in itself is motivating because you have to keep looking for ways to do better.


Be grateful

Life is a gift. Don’t live your life blaming the creator for making you. Be thankful and celebrate life.


Keep your goals before you

Always set goals to keep yourself focused on your life’s purpose and dreams.


Right company

Some people have negative energy around them. They fear failure and would rather stick to what they know. Those can’t be motivational. Keep company with people who are not afraid to risk or to fail.


Affirm yourself

No one can affirm you better than yourself. Continuously remind yourself of your ability to excel. It gives you positive energy.


Take criticism positively

Learn the lesson from criticism without taking it personal. Even if the other person intends to hurt you, learn your lesson and move on.


Look for challenges

Do not stay in a place of routine. Look for something that challenges you and uses your creative abilities.


In conclusion