I see Light from God


Lord Almighty Father

I lift my eyes in praise and worship of your holy name

I adore you Lord and thank you for today

I thank you for the gift of life and all that you have done in my life

I thank you for saving me from darkness

You have given me the opportunity to see and remain in the light

I was once lost, but now I am found

You have changed my life and I will walk in your light for the rest of my life

Let your light continuously shine upon me

Light my mind Lord, from negativity, fear and failure

Let me see opportunity where there are challenges

Guide me Lord to fulfill my mission in life

Walk along with me in my journey of life

Lord I pray that you keep my candle burning despite the obstacles in life

As I rest tonight Lord I surrender my body, soul and spirit into your hand

Let me find peace in your loving arms, wake me up with more wisdom and energy to embrace the new day. In your name I pray. Amen