Do you do the right things all the time?


During our journey of life we meet so many people including strangers. We are expected to treat every person we meet very well even if no one is looking at us. We should not treat people very well with expectation of getting appreciation from them.  We should not only do the right things as a show off when in actual fact we are rotten from within. We should do the right things all the time whether it is day or night.

Let us borrow a leaf from flowers

Plants flower all the time whether day or night and there is no particular time when they flower.   They do not to flower because people are looking at them or to please any one. They flower because it is time to flower. In the same spirit when we are overcoming challenges or celebrating successes we should not expect applause from any one. We should do the right thing all the time.


Keep working hard whether someone is looking at you or not.

You do not have to work because people are looking at you but work because it is time to work. You have to work in order to achieve your mission in life but not to please any one. You should work with the aim of attracting people to yourself. Working hard is not a public show but the action you take to achieve your personal mission in life. The focus is more on your mission but not public show off.


Do not give up

Do not give up when times are tough and you are faced with challenges. You have to do the right thing with the aim of moving forward. The right thing is never to give up. It is only lazy and coward people who give up but not you who is determined to succeed in life.

Maintain quality service all the time

Quite often we render quality service to our customers but our customers do not appreciate. They may even wonder why we are wasting our time on quality service when other business people do not care at all.  They may even often say  that you are too expensive because of your quality service. You have to maintain quality service all the time whether day or night in order to succeed in life. You should never lower your quality standards to be in line with other people’s standards.



Atwijukire Deborah