What to do to retain good employees?


You can retain good employees through helping them to appreciate their mission and to focus their effort on the implementation and achievement of their missions. You are in business to achieve your mission and the employees are working for you in order to achieve their missions. You have to implement a win win formula for both your   organisation and the staff. Both the organisation and staff have   to achieve their missions in life. The tips of retaining good staff include the following;

Payment of a competitive benefits package

You have to pay the employees a package which is above the average salary for the field in your area.  For example if the average salary of an accountant is US$ 100,000 per year then you have to offer a package over the average market salary. Your staff must be among the well paid employees in your sector


The staff benefits                                                                                         

The staff benefits may include the following among others;

Health and retirement

  • Health Club
  • Staff canteen
  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement plan

Work life balance

  • Sports Club Membership
  • Holiday packages
  • Leave plan
  • Flexible working hours
  • Access to company paid internet

Development and recognition

  • Staff performance reviews
  • Training plan
  • Professional study facilities


 Create a conducive work environment for staff

Conducive work environment is a must for staff to produce at their very best. The contents of the office will vary from organisation to organisation. The office could contain the following among others;

  • Staff room
  • VIP visitors room
  • Coffee and tea vending machines
  • Office news papers
  • Meeting rooms
  • Board rooms
  • Training rooms


 Encourage two way open communication  

Good communication is vital for the achievement and maintenance of strong working relationships among the employees. Good communication helps in building trust among employees resulting in increased productivity and morale of staff. You will need to design and implement a good communication system in order to achieve its benefits. There will be a need for regular face to face meetings with staff to update them on the issues being handled by the organisations.



Atwijukire Deborah