Reconciliation with your creator

Father King of glory I come to your throne of grace seeking your forgiveness

Forgive me Lord for the many times I fail to praise and worship you

Forgive me Lord when I depart from your ways

Forgive me for the many empty promises

Forgive me for using filthy ways to get what I want

Forgive me for being arrogant and abusive

Forgive me for not living and portraying your image

Forgive me for the false pretence

Forgive me for judging others

Forgive me for discriminating others

Forgive me for the injustices I have done to others

Forgive me for the pain I have inflicted on others

Forgive me for always blaming you for my failures and challenges in life

Forgive me for not being patient and living to your word

Forgive me for not being helpful to those in need

Forgive me for being mean and not sharing with my neighbors

I am truly sorry and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you.

I call upon you Lord to reign over my life

Lord grant me the courage to ask for forgiveness for my past mistakes


Teach me Lord to to forgive those who hurt me

As you have always been patient with me despite my inequities

Renew my faith and create in me a clean heart Lord.

Let people see change in me, let other people find love and comfort in me

Use me to do your will Lord, have mercy on me Father.


I believe you have forgiven me Lord, I believe am now set free.