You have to be proactive in order to succeed in life

You cannot succeed in life if you take a path taken by the majority. Do not for example go into any business because the majority is in that line. Do not go into transport business because there too many engaged in transport business. To succeed in life you have to follow your own unique mission. You have to create your own strategy to implement your mission.  


You will have to look for opportunities                         

To succeed in life you have to look for opportunities as opportunities will never move to you. If you want food you have to move to places where you can find food. If you want education you have to move where education institutions are. Do not just relax hoping opportunities will come to you. You have to move to them.


You have to adventure to succeed in life

To succeed in life you have to walk or travel to places. Opportunities are all over the world and no country has a monopoly of opportunities. The opportunities in other countries might be more beneficial than those in your country.  You have to travel to different places looking for greener pastures.


Use resources which are not generally liked by people

In life people do not like rubbish and anything smelling like animal and human waste. I know a number of my friends who have made a fortune through using materials which are not popular among people. To most people cow dung is waste to be thrown away but to the farmer cow dung is manure and source of energy. The picture below is showing a cow dung energy plant.



Atwijukire Deborah