Preparing your journey to success ( Part2)

Preparing your journey to success

Starting your journey to the world of success is not easy at the start. It requires a lot of determination and hard work. Resources are always scarce and therefore you cannot afford any luxury. You are often forced to use the cheapest means in order to save some resources.

How do you ensure you choose a mission easy to accomplish?

Many times we do not realised how blessed we are as we spend more time in counting our failures instead of counting our blessings. We have to be grateful to the Master of Destiny for the many blessings He has extended to us. We have a lot of passion in some of our blessings and others we do not. Our chances in achieving our mission are high when our missions in areas of our blessings where we have the most passion.


How do you plan to move to your destination?

You need a master plan to take you from where you are to where you want to go. This is your highway to success which is continuously under construction because we live in a dynamic world. We encounter new challenges on a daily basis. Our plan should have some flexibility to respond to ever changing environment around us.


Is a there a limit of what you can achieve.

No there is no limit as to what you can achieve in life. You can achieve anything provided you put in your mind and follow it with action. It is you who creates your limits in your own mind. To succeed in life you have to aim as high as you can. To achieve this you have to remove all the self created obstacles and roadblocks.


You can succeed in anything provided you fix your mind on it and also take the necessary action.


Qualification to succeed in life

There is no minimum academic qualification required for someone to succeed in life.  You however require a lot knowledge when you moving from where you are to the next level of success. The knowledge can be acquired through formal and informal learning process. Your success in life will depend on programming mode your mind is in. You must have a positive mindset towards various life situations. You have to look at challenges with open mind in order to overcome them. Success is therefore determined by your mindset.


 You must have the determination

To succeed in life you must have the determination to win despite all the challenges you will encounter on the way. Success starts in the mind and actual success follows later. Success is therefore a reward for the determined people who prepare to walk an extra mile in order to succeed in life.  To succeed you have to be the best and not among the best.


Fear enemy number 1 in success

Many people who have succeeded in life have successfully crushed or defeated fear in the mind.  Fear which is emotionally induced by perceived threats   blocks our mind from focusing on success. The victim instead focuses more energy on either fighting or running away from fear.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited