Preparing your journey to success (Part 3)

Preparing your journey to success

Your journey of life is full of challenges and roadblocks. You are therefore bound to meet with failure many times in your life. When failure brings you down to your knees you must be determined to stand up again to proceed with your journey. You must have the spirit of never give up or surrender in order to succeed in life.

Self- imposed limits

Many people have self imposed limits in their mind. I have met people who believe that they cannot succeed in life because of a number of reasons including   poor background, little education, sickness and physical challenges among others.  These are self-imposed limits as many examples of people who succeeded despite having similar challenges. You have to overcome yourself imposed limits in order to succeed in life.


How badly do you need to succeed?

You cannot succeed in  your mission unless succeeding in your mission is life and death. You have no choice but to succeed in life. You must make your life to hinge on your success. You must reach a point of no return in your journey  to success.


Putting in extra effort

To succeed in life you must you focus your mind coupled with action on your mission. You have to put in extra effort over and above your normal level in order to succeed in life.  You must be prepared to work when others are sleeping and relaxing in order to succeed in life. Success is a reward for  the winners and winners always put extra effort in order to qualify for the reward.



John Muhiase Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited