A prayer for letting go

Father we pray for your help in letting go of

  • Old practices that is  when we move forward
  • yesterday’s failures and challenges
  • Anger, pride and arrogance
  • Unforgiveness
  • Indecision
  • Laziness
  • Health complications
  • All that impedes on our way
  • People who have abandoned us
  • People who have betrayed us
  • Failure in life

Father with your blessing;

  • May we start a new path on our journey of life
  • May we receive wisdom to overcome challenges
  • May we be more focused
  • May we have a positive approach to life
  • May we meet useful people who will uplift us on our journey of success
  • May we be blessed always when we call on you.

Master of the Universe give us courage to move forward irrespective of the challenges.