A prayer for hard work

Dear Master of the Universe

You created me to succeed in life

For that purpose I hard to work to attain the success

I pray for the energy to work hard

I pray for the wisdom to be smart as I move forward towards  success

I pray for your wisdom to overcome my  daily challenges

Lord I pray and request that you walk along with me as I walk forward

Comfort me when work becomes too much and too hard

Encourage me to move forward despite the hardships I face

Encourage me to practice a lot so that I can become an expert at work

Pray that I use my expert for your glory

Forgive me for my laziness in moving forward at a right speed

Keep me connected to you all the time so that life challenges do not overwhelm me.

For all your blessings, may I sing for joy every day

Bless me to dance a dance of joy

Bless my hands, my feet, my sight  and my voice so that I can use them for your glory