Prayer for a nice weekend

Dear Master of Universe

We thank you for the week which ends today

We thank you for all the blessings and challenges

We look forward Lord for your guidance and protection over the weekend

During the weekend keep us close to you.

Guide us and protect us

All our activities we engage in should be for your glory.

We pray for your blessing in preparing for next week

We pray for the grace to make us understand the lessons of last week so that we can use them in planning for next week.

Remind us to find some time to thank you and praise you

As without you the weekend will not be there.

We pray for blessing over this weekend to promote activities which enhance the standard of life of our neighbours.

Enhance the love of our neighbours over this weekend.

We pray for the resources to help those in problems so that they can have a smile on their face.

There are many problems in this world pushing us to our knees and Lord , we can overcome them through your protection.

We pray that you extend your hand of friendship to pull us out of our current problems.