Dear Father we come to Your throne of grace

To give you praise, honor and worship

We thank you Lord for this wonderful day you have given us

Father we thank you for your unconditional love that surpasses everything

We thank you for being patient with us despite our shortfalls

We thank you Lord for your love never changes, it never runs out, it never gives up

We also thank you for everything that seems hard, but which you change into help and strength.

You make all things work together for our own good

There is none like you Father,

For because of your love, you gave us your only begotten son

Who became a ransom for our sins, offering his life

There is no greater love than this for one to give his life for the sake of our sins

Father we pray that you teach us to love unconditionally and genuinely

We pray that we may show love to all those in kinds of unsatisfying situations

We pray to have kind hearts for the suffering, the sick, the prisoners, the elderly, the widowed and all those in different forms of injustices

We pray that you make our hearts pure and pleasing in your presence

Cleanse us Lord from all sin so that we can be worthy

Lord may we be a symbol of Love, joy and happiness throughout our journey of life for the glory of your name. Amen