There is power in the name of the Lord


Almighty Father heavenly King

I thank you for the gift of life

I thank you Lord for this wonderful day

Lord I believe in your Holy Power

That breaks all the chains

Lord break all the chains of fear and failure in my life

Break the bondage of anger, pride and unforgiveness in me

Break the bondage of negativity in me Lord

Guide me Lord to develop appositive approach to life

Break all the bondages that are holding me from prospering

Lord break the bondage of sickness that is taking away my finances

Recreate me Father and remove all the bad behaviors in me Lord

May I be pleasing to me in your Holy presence Lord

Lord I pray that you open up my mind that is holding me captive

Give me the wisdom Lord to overcome challenges, let me see opportunity where there are challenges

As am going to rest tonight Lord take full control of my life, rejuvenate my mind, soul and body and make me a new creature.