The positive side of traffic Jam

We’ve all experienced being stuck in a traffic jam, a stream of cars for miles ahead of us and behind us. Whether we are on our own or with a group of people in the car, there is always that feeling of boredom that is the feeling of having absolutely nothing to do. Remember traffic congestion costs money in terms of fuel being wasted and value of time wasted as a result of traffic delays. There are indirect losses too, including lost business opportunities, additional expenses for health complications coming caused by the fumes from cars and let alone the toll taken by an increase in traffic accidents. You have always to remember the following before you lose your head in the traffic jam;

“Traffic congestion is caused by vehicles, not by people in themselves.” Jane Jacobs

Is time in the traffic jam 100% wasted?
The answer is no as there are a number of things you can do while you are in the traffic jam. You only need a positive approach to various life situations and you will have a long list of things you can do during the traffic jam. The list of things you can do includes the following;

Use the time productively
If you are alone, this is the time you can use to review the progress you are making on your life journey. Are you on course towards achieving your mission? You are also free to dream and think of ways and means of implementing your dreams.

Listen to news
There are a number of radios and TVs broadcasting news throughout the day. Save time by listening to news so that you do not have to read the newspapers when you arrive in the office.

Listening to inspiring religious videos
There are a number of inspiring videos and religious radio stations you can listen to uplift your spirit. You only need to know the radio programs and to stock the inspiring religious videos.

Listen to inspiring music and talks
Play inspiring music or listen to talks of various motivational speakers as the time in the traffic jam will pass very fast.

Improve your network connection
In case you are being driven, there is a lot you can do in terms of improving your social media connections. You can use your mobile phone or an IPad to connect with social media. For sure you can also answer your mails.

Just watch what is happening around you.
There are a number of free lessons you get by just watching what the people outside your car are doing. Take pictures with your phone or camera of the interesting scenes. Remember there are people who are ready to pay you handsomely if took a picture of news making scene.

Make important calls
Use this time to make important calls which you failed to get time to make.

Enhance your knowledge
You can use the time to improve your knowledge through listening to recorded educative audio cassettes.

To avoid getting stuck in jam you have to plan your journey. You either start your journey very early morning, or leave late when there are fewer vehicles on the road. In case you cannot avoid the traffic jam then plan to use your time when you are stuck in the jam very productively.

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Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki