Plan your day your day to be more efficient

In order to have a successful day you must plan the activities for that day. Planning will help  you in developing  mitigation strategies to deal with uncertainties of  the day. Planning will also make you more confident during the day. In the process of planning,  you should write down the various activities which you could do in a day.  Obviously, you will find it impossible to do everything which comes to your mind.  You therefore have to come up with a priority list of activities for the day.


Set goals for your day

Set goals for what you want to accomplish that day, the more specific you are the better. If you reflect back on your day you will realize that you are actually setting and achieving an immeasurable amount of goals as you progress throughout your day


Commit time to planning as time is limited

Daily plan might seem like a waste of time, but spending the time now saves time later and like anything, the more often you do it, the better you become. By doing it more and more you get familiar with your limitations and your days will become gradually more efficient.


The moment you begin setting plans for the day, you will immediately feel a shift and transformation within your mind and this allows you to see your day with greater clarity than ever before.

Atwijukire Deborah