You have to personally walk or drive to the world of success

Deliberate action

Do not bank on chance to succeed.  You cannot gamble to success. You cannot succeed by doing nothing. Success is deliberate action by those who want to succeed.  You have to walk up the stairs to the world of success.

No air flight

You have to design and walk your journey to your world of success. Do not expect to fly to the world of success.


No elevators

Lifts and elevators do not exist in the world of success. You cannot succeed by simply entering the elevator and pressing the key to the floor .


You cannot be chauffer driven

You cannot hire someone to drive you to the world of success. The driver’s world of success is different from yours.


No one will solve your challenges

You will meet many challenges to the world of success  which to  overcome  using the problem solving formula.


The choice to succeed or fail in life is yours to make and no one will make it for you.


Author: John Muhaise-Bikalemesa,
Director Big Drum Advisory Services,