Your personal mission should be aligned to your liked blessings

I have come to realise that it is impossible to successfully embark on a journey to the world of success without a clear personal mission in mind. Without a clear mission you   cannot develop a road map or plan to move you from your current state to your desired future state.  Your mission should explain the reason of your existence or creation. For sure you are created for purpose which you need to discover before you start your journey to success.  You have to be determined to discover your mission in life as it is   not a matter of guess work or tossing of a coin. Remember you are not expected to succeed in every idea which comes to your mind.  You can only succeed in a mission which is aligned to your area of blessings which like most.

Your blessings

Your blessings are the good things about you which you can capitalise on during your journey to your desired future state.   There many unique good things about you which can enable you succeed in the competitive world.  The major challenge in life is lack of the determination to discover the blessings. After discovering your blessings there is also another challenge of ranking your blessings in the order you like them.   I always find it quite easy   to discover the things which block me from succeeding in life.  Finding things that facilitate one in life is an uphill task.  Your blessings in your life are many and may include the following among others;

  • Good network of friends
  • Type of schools or college attended
  • Resources
  • Health
  • Good at sports
  • Good at music and drama
  • Type of coach and mentors
  • Travelled
  • Positive mindset

Choosing a mission

You need to choose a mission which is aligned to your area of blessings. Many people find it difficult to succeed because their missions are not aligned to their area of blessings. For example you cannot have a mission to be ‘the fastest 100 meter athlete in the world’ if you do not have a blessing in running.   For example you stand a high chance of succeeding in music and drama if you blessings are in the same area.

You must like your blessings

Having a blessing is one thing and liking your blessing is another thing altogether. Liking your blessing is the ability to naturally engage in activities in your area of blessing.  For example if you are blessed in singing and dancing, dancing and singing is natural to you. You must therefore develop your mission in your areas of blessings that you will enhance your chances of succeeding in life. If example you like people, then your mission should capitalise on your network of relationships you have established in life.


In order to succeed in life you should develop your mission in your areas of blessings that you like most. It is difficult to succeed in a mission which is in the area of your least liked blessings.

Author: John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited