There is nothing impossible before God the Master of the Universe

The Master of the Universe is all we need in our lives as we walk along the journey of success,

we meet a lot of challenges on our path, but he is the Only one who can clean our way,

he is the Only one who gives us wisdom to overcome our challenges, to see opportunity where there are challenges,

he is the Only one who can turn our Sorrow into Joy, our weakness into strength,

he is the Only one who can change and uplift you from a nobody to a great person,

he is the Only one with the power to give health and abundant blessings,

when we allow God to take full control of our lives, we are assured of everything.

All we need is to believe that he is a Faithful Father, he will neither leave you nor forsake you.

He is ready to guide, protect, bless and walk with you as you move on your journey of Life.

May you always be a living testimony as you triumph in Victory.