Do not create obstacles in your way to success

“You cannot achieve much in life if you sit with your arms folded”. John Muhaise Bikalemesa 

There is nothing wrong with you making money through implementing bright   business ideas that are in your mind for your better future and   the community around you. Do not give any excuses for not venturing into business as you are a master of your world or destiny. You can make your world dark or bright depending on how you view it in your mind.  Do not join those people who spend all their time giving various excuses for not venturing into business. They prefer to keep their world dark through giving various   excuses that include the following among others;

  • They have no money to invest
  • Business is not meant for business
  • They lack right qualifications to venture into business
  • They need some working experience before venturing into business
  • There are no safe investment opportunities
  • They lack capital
  • They do not have time for business
  • The business world is too corrupt

I am sure you may have heard the above from various people   and possibly entertained some of the excuses in your mind. They are self imposed restrictions that mainly arise from fear to succeed or fail in business. The fear can be overcome if you make up your mind to do so.  I have the following views to make on some of the above excuses:

Right time to start

There is no right   time to wait for before you venture   into business.   Any time is right time. Profitable business or ideas which tend to have short lifespan come into our mind on daily basis. You need to grab and implement them as soon as you can identify them.  Any excuses that prevent you from taking immediate action put you at a disadvantage in the market.  There are no age or experience criteria to be attained before one ventures into business. The only qualification I know of that one must possess is of a positive mindset towards business.  It is up to you to overcome your fears and restrictions that are preventing you from moving forward.

Conducive environment

The environment is always conducive depending on whether your dreams can be exploited in the   environment you are living in.  You should learn to dream of ideas that can be exploited within your environment. Why should you dream of business ideas suitable for a stable economy when your economy is not stable? Why should you dream of ideas suitable only during peace times when you are in a war situation? What should you dream of ideas that can exploited in urban areas when you are gifted in the rural setting? You should dream of ideas that can be exploited in your prevailing environment not necessarily that one you have fixed in your mindset.  Do not have a fixed mindset about the type of environment to do business in as each type of business climate creates its business opportunities and challenges.  It is up to you to manage the challenges and exploit the opportunities.

No adequate and resources are required

There is nothing like adequate capital and other resources to be accumulated before one ventures into business. What is adequate capital is a state of one’s mind. Some people have ventured into business with only as little as US$ 5?  Others have ventured into business with no capital and other resources except their positive mindset. I know of so many people that have started business with some borrowed capital   from relatives, friends and lending institutions. Therefore capital and other resources are not necessarily pre-condition before you venture into business. It is an added advantage in case you have them as your journey may be less bumpy.

I am personally of the view there is so much capital and other resources on the market not optimally invested because of lack of adequate and qualifying profitable venture.  The world lacks more of entrepreneurs as opposed to capital and other resources. There are quite many highly qualified professionals in the world continuously scanning the globe looking for profitable business ventures to invest funds they hold on behalf of the clients. Therefore capital and other resources are attracted by profitable business ideas. Therefore properly packaged viable business ideas can attract capital and other resources.

Ability to dream and implement big ideas   

You must have the capacity to continuously dreams of big ideas and the ability to identify those ideas that are quite viable for implementation.  You should note that not all ideas are viable at dreaming level. Therefore viable ideas have to be identified through a process for subsequent prompt implementation before their viability   potential is eroded by the entry of competition. You should not consider   venturing into business if you do not have the capacity to continuously dream of new ideas.  A continuous pipeline of new innovative ideas helps you to gain a competitive advantage in the market when implemented in time.

Success mindset

What matters in life is your mindset. You are hundred percent   responsible for your success or failure in life depending on how you program   your mindset.    You must have a success mindset in order to succeed in life. It is the success mindset   that will help you identify the viable business opportunities in the mirror of challenges.  Success will always come to you if your mind is programmed in a success mode.

Rome was not build in day

The road taking you to the world of success has ups and downs and therefore you have to drive carefully with determination in order to reach your destination. You cannot avoid a car breakdown when you are on a journey and in the same vein you cannot avoid ups and down in business.  It is most important to have a mindset that is determined to overcome challenges in order to move forward. Never give up as no one will come to your rescue if you are not determined   to move forward. People like helping other people to succeed as opposed to fail in life.

Do not aim at a huge leap

I am sure we all love a huge leap in our life.  We always look of huge success.  We want to become millionaires within a short time from the investments we have made.  In real life, success rarely comes in one leap. For example to achieve academic excellence the journey starts in a nursery school through primary and secondary schools until you reach the university where you achieve your mission when you obtain  the highest academic qualifications. Success is therefore achieved in small leaps at each level until you achieve your mission in life. Therefore do not condition your mind to reach the top in just one huge leap. It is highly de-motivating if it is not achieved.

 Do not worry about your slow speed

It is not your speed which matters but walking forward with determination to reach the finishing line. You may be slow a learner in business but your slow speed is not a red flag for failure in business.  Success in life is not about competing with others to finish first but about finishing your personal race in accordance with your plan.  You will always reach your destination provided you do not stop and abandon your journey along the way.  You have to continue with your journey at any cost.

You do not need approval from anybody to move forward

Success in life is a personal choice and you therefore do not need approval from anyone in order to move forward. This does not mean walking a lonely journey.  You are at liberty to select a team to support you   during your journey towards your mission. The negative views of other people about your mission and goals should not in any way distract you from your journey but should instead energise you to move forward.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited