Why a negative mindset causes failure (and how to develop a positive mindset)

you are today where your thoughts have brought you - james allen

Negative mindset can take different forms including the following;

  • Expecting bad things to  happen
  •  Imagining nothing good will ever happen for you
  • Fear about health deteriorating
  • Fear to be abandoned by the spouse
  • Expecting the car to break down
  • Fear  your career can be ruined

my life has been full of terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened

Why worry about what you do not have?

Why waste your time focusing on the capacity you lack in your life ?.

Why do you believe that nothing will ever get better for you because you lack qualification, skill-set, smartness and experience among others?.

You cannot succeed in life if you spend your time counting what you do not have. Instead count your blessings.

success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses-marilyn vos savant

We are our own enemies

Our own negative thinking stops us from dreaming  and implementing and achieving our dreams. We are therefore our own enemy and responsible for our failures as we attract failures.

Our mind frame

The way we think and take ourselves determines our success or failures in life. Success is only guaranteed by positive mindset.

Do not waste your time on complaining about others, criticizing others and condemning others about your failures as the failures are your own making.

Worry about the past

 There is nothing you can do to change the past. You cannot reverse the clock and re-act the scene. Let us always remember to the say the following prayer;

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change-the serenity prayer

Worrying about the future

We have the capacity to change the direction of the future. Focus your mind on the open doors and not the closed doors.

when one door closes, another opens, alexander graham bell

Change the way you thinking

Always remember every challenge has a silver lining. Focus your effort on the silver lining.




  if life gives you lemons, make lemonade - bob white




Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki