You must love what you do in order to succeed in life

You must love what you do in order to succeed in life

In your life journey you will do various things in order to succeed in life. Personally I have been involved in mixed farming, bee farming, engaged in trade, run a restaurant, offer audit and advisory services, trained management staff with aim of succeeding in life.  We do some things in order to earn money and others we do them because other people are doing them. Some things we do because we are required by the law to do them. You can only succeed in life if you are doing things you love doing. Do not therefore waste your time doing things you find boring as they will take you nowhere.

Not a punishment

Work can be a punishment or a sacrifice on your side if you force yourself to do it. You must love what you do in order to succeed in life.   You do not have to be supervised by anybody when you are engaged in what you love.


What do you work for?

A good number of people work just because they want to earn money in order to acquire the necessities of life. They report for work from 8 .00 am to 5.00 pm just to earn money. They are not switched on for work. They are not working to achieve any mission in life but just to be in the office in order to earn some money. These type of people cannot succeed in life because they do not love what they are doing.


Passion in your work

You must have passion or fun in your work in order to succeed in life. The passion gives you the determination to continue until you succeed in life. My advice you must call it quits as soon as you realize the passion or fun for work is no longer there.


Falling in love with success

You have to fall in love with what you do in order to succeed in life. Success only falls in love with those who love what they do.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited