It is believed that most successful people tend to be early risers

It starts from childhood

Waking up early to go to school

Starting early to recite prayers, alphabet and mathematical table

Acquiring   knowledge early before your mind gathers dust,

Early morning time is when your mind is still pregnant with powerful dreams

The dreams must be delivered very early to avoid corruption

Your positive mode is highest in early morning.

How you get out of bed in the morning will determine how you will succeed,

Jump out of bed to start the day

Speed of jumping out  of bed will determine your cruising speed in your journey of success.

Borrow a leaf from early birds which greet the day early with a purpose

Greet the day and friends early in the morning with a purpose

A purpose of success

Organize your thoughts early morning

Thank the Master of the Universe early in the morning

The fruits of being early are many

  • Quietness
  • Productivity.
  • Better planning
  • Freshness
  • Recipe for  happiness
  • Better mental health
  • Innovativeness
  • No traffic jam as all are still sleeping

Rule for getting up early

‘”Thou shall never be caught in bed by the sun’”. John Muhaise Bikalemesa



Early birds have discovered the secret to unlocking success. You can also unlock the secret. Be the first in the queue to receive early morning blessing from the Master of the Universe.




Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki


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