inspires you to light your candle of success

Are you sure you have exploited your blessings for your success? If yes, then have you inspired others to use their blessings for their success? We fail to achieve our mission in life mainly because of two key reasons. We could fail in life because of our decision to be negative about life. We may also fail in life because the people we have met during our life journey have not inspired us in any way. Some people require inspiration from other people in order for them to light their candles of success. Our candles of success are represented by the many unexploited blessings or talents that we possess in life. For example you may be a good singer and dancer but no one has motivated you to become a professional musician and dancer. In life we sometimes need someone to arouse our mind to focus on the success journey.
It is important to note that we always have our candles (blessings) with us without necessarily focusing our mind on them. This means some people remain unsuccessful in life despite the blessings they have. They will remain in the unsuccessful state until someone does something that motivates them to open their envelope of blessings. Your positive action could be an eye opener for a number of people to wake up from their sleep and take immediate action towards success. Unfortunately many people reach the end of their journey on earth without making maximum use of their blessings. We can make a difference in world if we inspired other people to succeed in the following ways among others;
Promote positive mindset
Success in life and positive mindset go together and cannot be separated. You should therefore inspire or motivate people to develop a positive mindset about life as a first step towards success. The journey of life is never smooth but with challenges. It requires a positive mindset to overcome all the challenges in order to keep moving towards our mission.
Sharing our experience
We gain experience and more wisdom as we all overcome our challenges in life. This is why old people have more wisdom than young people. The old people have overcome many more challenges than the young people have done. You receive a lot of satisfaction if you share your experience and wisdom with other people. Therefore share your experience and wisdom with other people.
Encourage people to travel
There is an African proverb that states, “The person who has not travelled widely thinks his or her mother is the best cook”. The lack of exposure through travelling may make believe the situation you are is the best. If you want to be inspired just travel around your home country and even better around the world but with a positive mindset. In the process of travelling, you will learn a lot about what other people around the world have done in order to succeed in life. You will meet people in the world who have succeeded despite the challenging circumstances they have been operating under.
Engaging in community activity
There is a lot you can do for the people in your community in order to inspire them to start their journey to the world of success. Many people cannot start their journey because they have the fear that they will not make it because of lack of capacity. You need to organise the community around with the aim of inspiring them to light their candles.
Challenging others
When I was young I was teased and challenged by other mature children. They told me that I could only eat the best ripe and juice mango if I was able to climb the mango tree. I had to practice hard with a lot of challenges until I learnt how to climb a mango tree. Many people have not yet succeeded in life because no one has challenged them to do so. Provoke them to embark on a journey to succeed in their mission and success will come their way. Do not forget there are people that will only act when they are challenged.
Living your values
Muhammad Ali said “True success is reaching our potential without compromising our value”. We have to do the right things as we walk our life journey for others to learn from us. When we successfully live our values, we inspire other people to follow our good example.
Extend a helping hand
Mother Teresa said “If you cannot feed a hundred people then feed just one”. Sometimes you come across people who need help from you to overcome the hard times they are facing. Do what you can to support other people to overcome the challenges. In my life as an accountant I came an across an organisation facing a lot of thefts because of poor controls. They could not afford to pay our fees at the time. I went gave them free advice on how to enhance the controls. The organisation overcame its challenges and later became our good client but this time paying us some good fees.

John Muhaise Bikalemesa
Director: Big Drum Advisory Services