How to motivate other people to perform better in order to succeed in life.


In order to success in life you have to be motivated to succeed. You must have a strong desire to work hard despite the life challenges in order to achieve your objectives. The desire needs to be sustained in order to achieve sustainable success. The tips for sustaining motivation include the following;

Don’t put others down

There are a number of reasons for one not performing to his or her best. Find out the reasons and give a hand of encouragement so that someone can gain some desire to work harder in order to achieve his or her goal.


Create a need for working hard

Make the reasons for working hard clear to the individual. Create and implement a win win formula for success. Success should therefore be for the benefit of both the organisation and the employees. The employees should feel a need to work hard and tell them the following;


Responsibility for success

Make the aware that they are 100% responsible for their success through harder work.  If they do not work so hard to succeed no one else will do it for them. They therefore have to push themselves so hard to succeed.


Do not cry of what you do not have

Make people know that it is useless for them to cry for what they do not have. They need to take some action about it. They have to work harder to achieve what they do not have at the moment.


Be a leader and not a follower

You have to let the person known you cannot succeed in life through being a follower but by being a leader. It is leader who are implementing and the followers are busy implementing the leader’s mission.


Give me them an inspiration message

Inspire to succeed by giving them inspiration messages including the following;




John  Muhaise Bikalemesa

Executive Director

Big Drum Advisory Services Limited