Merciful God and Father


Almighty Father, known for all edges to be merciful and a father to all

We come to your presence today, to praise you and thank you for this new day

We thank you for the gift of life you have given us today

We thank you for the energy and the good dreams we have heard

We thank you for your endless love and mercy

We pray that you protect us today and guide us as we start this day

Direct us to the right path,

Guide us in our decisions; let us make right decisions which will enable us to succeed

Father provide for all our needs according to your glorious riches in heaven we pray

Lord fulfill all our hearts desires and bless us more than we deserve

Bring us to the light of your presence, may we see light in all our endeavors

Light your light shine upon us today lord

We bless your holy name and pray that you may come and intervene in ll our aspects of life

Bless us today and bless all our plans, may we achieve all that we desire, for the glory of your name we pray. Amen