It Matters How You Say It

Non verbal communication is a critical aspect of getting your message across to your audience. There are only two aspects of communication; verbal and non-verbal. Communication is thus not complete with only one aspect. The research by Dr. Albert Mehrabian from University of California, Los Angeles confirms the following;

  • Only 7 percent of any interaction with another person transpires through the actual words that you say.
  • The rest of the 93 percent is communicated through body language, voice, tone, grammar and facial expressions.

You have to ensure that your body language, voice, tone, grammar and facial expressions are all coordinated for effective communication.

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Effective communication requires hard work


Say what you practice
You have to practice what you are saying in order to get a right response from the audience.


Admirable Etiquette
If your leader never tucks in his shirt, speaks aimlessly, has unkempt hair or wears ironed clothes only on Monday, you are bound to be worse than him. People tend to measure up to their leaders through following their example. People also tend to put in a little less effort at anything the leader puts effort into. To be a good leader therefore is to have admirable etiquette.


Eye contact
Former American president Bill Clinton is known for his great eye contact. Eye contact is the best way to show total attention to anyone and who doesn’t love that?


It makes you more approachable and it breaks the tension around the people listening to you. The power of a smile cannot just be written about, use it and you will know its strength.

While communicating, it is important to involve your whole body. The message should not be detached from the speaker. Be free to use your hands with appropriate gestures and the rest of your body too where and when necessary.


Hit the iron when still hot
Communicate promptly in order to get a prompt response.


“It is not what you say that matters but the manner in which you say it; there lies the secret of the ages.”

William Carlos Williams


Author : Kushemererwa Julia
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