Make a special day for your customers

Make a special day for your customers

We quite often take our customers for granted. We always assume after all they have been with us for years and what is the worry about .This is extremely dangerous as one day you will find some of your customers have been taken by the competition.  We should remember our customers are represented by human beings who have challenges and feelings. They need to be appreciated for the wonderful business they are giving us. We should always remember to say ‘thank you’ to them for business they are giving us. We should create as many platforms as possible which we can use to say thank you to our customers. You should not forget that we 100% depend on our customers.

Get to know your customers                                                                     

Many times we do not know our customers very well. We have no idea of where they stay, how they spend their spare time, what they like and dislike, what drives them to succeed in life and what challenges they face. We have no idea about their families, their spouses and children. We do not care to send them a happy birthday message. We do not associate with them when they are celebrating successes or when they are face to face with challenges.  It is these small overlooked issues if well handled which make our customers stay with us. We should therefore use the customers’ day to come close to our customers.


Create  a wonderful customer experience

Use the customers’ day to create  a wonderful customers’ experience.  Let them have a wonderful time with the staff , management team , directors and shareholders. Let them see your successes in business and what you have done for the community. Let them see  what process you use to overcome challenges. Create a positive mindset for everyone attending the day. The day should include an inspiration talk from a reknown motivation speaker. Do not foget the fun part of the day.  Walk an extra mile in making the occasion a success.


Demonstrate your love for customers

During the customers’ day demonstrate your love for customers. What have you done for customers to make them stay in the company as comfortable as possible?  Have you created a VIP service centre for your most valuable customers? Do you keep your customers informed of the developments within the company? How helpful is the website to your customers? Is the customer really a king in your mind and action? The customer day gives you an opportunity to demonstrate to your customers the love you have for them.


Use customers to recruit more customers

It is useless and time consuming to attract new customers if you cannot keep them because your relationship with them is not strong enough.  I have seen customers who come on board for a few months then they go back to their former suppliers because they are not happy with the new relationship level. New customers recommended by existing customers tend to stay with the company as they are recommended by customers who know us very well.  Therefore if you want to attract more customers learn the art of keeping your current customers very happy. Your current customers will recruit more customers when they are happy with the quality of goods and services and the level of relationship.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited