Make your products and services attractive  and readily available to potential customers.

I regularly come across a number of organizations and upcoming business people  that are   stuck with   goods and services for sale because they  cannot   access potential customers. This article will be of value to you in case one day you find yourself with  goods and services that you are not able to sale.  It is also important to note that potential customers tend to  buy  goods and services   from  sources or  suppliers that either are  known to them or have been recommended to them.  Therefore it is difficult to sale goods and services until you make them known to the public and  potential customers through business promotion. Business promotion  is therefore the act of  communicating with the public or potential customers with the aim of  attracting  them  to buy your  goods and services. It  makes your business and its goods and services  known, available and attractive  to  the public or  potential customers.  The business promotion activities may include the following among others;

Word of mouth

Word of mouth through relatives,  friends and associates is the most effective way of promoting your products and services especially for new businesses.

Business profile

This is high level written  summary of what is your business is about, the products and services it offers and the possible benefits accruing to the customers.

Business Website

A business  website is a central location of various web pages with related  information about your business that  can be accessed by visiting the home page using a browser or software program. Through the website you will able to exploit the power of the internet using the email and social media platforms.

Formal communication

All formal channels of communications including letters , emails and business cards among others  should have all business  contacts to enable interested potential customers to revert to you.

Charity event

It is also possible to promote your business through participating in various corporate social responsibility activities that are aimed at raising funds to fund   community projects.


This is an audio or visual form of communicating with potential customers that uses  non-personal communication to promote or sell goods and  services.


This  is a form of paper  or cloth advertisement  distributed or   posted  in a public place or  handed out to individuals or sent through the mail.

Elevator Speech

This is a brief speech about the organization, its goods and services and their benefits that can be presented to potential customers  during   a brief elevator  or lift ride.

Launching of products and services

It is advisable if resources permit to invite the public, potential customers and the press to a  launch  ceremony of new products and services. The launch makes the new goods and services known to the potential customers within a short time.

Business promotion materials

The branded  promotion materials that can be given to current and potential customers include pens, designer mugs, ball caps, and T-shirts among others.


The purpose of being in business is to sale  goods and services to potential customers  at a profit. There is however a  challenge of linking with potential customers that a business person or  organization  has to confront and overcome. This is done through business promotion.

Author: John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Executive Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited