Maintaining good personal hygiene

Personal hygiene may be described as the principle of maintaining cleanliness and grooming of the internal and external body.

Why are we conscious of personal hygiene?

There are a number of reasons including the following;

  • To protect our personal image
  • To keep diseases at bay
  • It part of our training since early age
  • Some hygiene issues can be embarrassing like lice in the hair.
  • It makes us look better
  • Our bodies let of smells that are unpleasant
  • We are very confident when we are clean and tidy.

Ways of keeping good personal hygiene

Plan for personal hygiene

Prepare a plan for your personal hygiene and review regularly to ensure you still on course.

Obtain advice from the people you trust

Do not be ashamed of approaching someone you trust for advice on your hygiene. You may be surprised how many issues are pointed out to you which you were not aware of.

Bathing regularly with medicated soap and bathing jelly.


Brush and floss

Brush your teeth after every meal and at worst twice a day with tooth paste as recommended by your dentist.


Use mouthwash, mouth spray and chewing mint

These give fresh breath


Wash your hands

Wash your hands before preparing or eating food.


Trim your nails

Keeping your finger and toenails trimmed and in good shape.


Take care of your hair

Wash your hair regularly to avoid lice or dandruff.

Wear Clean Clothes

Wear a fresh set of clothes and underwear every day.


Hair Removal

Trim or shave your underarm and pubic hair so there is less surface area allowing for the accumulation of sweat and bacteria.


Use a good deodorant

Use a good perfume or deodorant.

Menstrual hygiene

Using the proper pads, tampons, cups or caps during menstruation is imperative to maintaining good hygiene for women.


Toilet bag

Invest in a toilet bag where you can keep all the things you use for your hygiene needs.


Type of food

Be careful as to the type of food you eat as some of them can lead to producing unpleasant smell.

In conclusion

Always maintain proper hygiene, as this will keep unnecessary diseases at bay and you will feel refreshed as you enjoy a good sleep.



Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki