Lord Today I can see

Lord Today I can see

Thank you Lord for my sight

I can see the beauty of your creations

I can see the beautiful combinations of your creations

I can  see what you have made available to me

I can see the resources you have given

I can see the results of my hard work

I am able to select the best from what I can see

Lord thank for my sight

I can see my relatives and friends

I can see my former schoolmates

Lord I can read and write without any support

I see changes in the weather for me to prepare

I can  go to places without guidance

Lord thank you for my sight

I can see the sky and its contents

I can see good and bad actions

Lord I pray to use my sight for your glory. Amen


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John Muhaise-Bikalemesa (JMB), is the founder of Muhaise.com blog and bigdrumassociates.com company. Learn more about him here and connect with him on his social medias below

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