Lord thank you for my gift of life

Thank you Lord for waking me up

Thank you Lord for your protection

You kept my enemies away from me

Lord you shield me from  my enemies

My enemies cannot come near me because of your mighty power

Lord I pray that you walk  along with me throughout the day

That you guide and protect me

That you strengthen me with your graces

Lord I have to walk forward with confidence and determination

Give me the wisdom to make the right decision

To be able to listen to your instructions

To obey your commands

Lord I need the wisdom to leave this world better than I found

To overcome the many challenges of this world

Lord I know with you there is nothing impossible

Lord turn my challenges into opportunities for me to exploit

Lord program my mind to have a positive approach to life

My mind should take challenges as opportunities for advancement

Lord I need to appreciate you as the centre of my life

Lord show me ways which pleases you throughout the day