Lord thank you for my friends

Lord I am grateful for the gift of true friends you have blessed me with

My friends have been there for me at all times in both happiness and sorrow

They have been there to guide me on the right path to take

They have helped to develop right strategies which have enabled me to overcome my challenges

Lord I thank for my friends who have not been selfish

They are sharing with me all what they have

They have helped me to reprogram my mindset into positive mode

My new mindset have enabled me to look at challenges as opportunities

Lord continue to guide us and walk along with each one of us on our journey of life

I thank you Lord because my friends have made me appreciate the purpose for my existence

Lord my friends have shown me love, comfort, joy and happiness

The world would be boring for me without my true friends

Lord I pray that you continue to bless my friends so that they can be a blessing to the world

Lord I pray that they remain with good hearts

I pray that they will not be corrupted by negative thoughts

Lord I pray that you fulfill their heart’s desires for the glory of your name. Amen