Lord I am on my knees to thank you for the day

You have allowed me to complete the day despite my unfaithfulness

Your unconditional love for me is compared to none

The day has presented both successes and challenges

I thank you for allowing me to learn a wonderful   lesson

You have me appreciate that with you everything   is possible

The challenges   of today which looked impossible just melted when I invoked your name

Thank for answering me when I called your name

Thank you Lord for showering me with your wisdom which has made me develop a positive approach to life.

I pray to help me use the wisdom for your glory

Thank you Lord for the people you have allowed me to interact with.

Let our interaction bring blessings to the world.

For the sick Lord touch them with your healing hand and their health will be restored

For those you have called to yourself merciful judge them and reward them in accordance to your will.

Lord the day is coming to an end for your servant to rest.

I put my life under your control

I pray for positive dreams which will give me solutions for the unresolved challenges.

Lord wake me up when times comes to serve

Let tomorrow be another day full of blessings

Lord remain in control of my life until you call me to yourself. Amen




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