Lord takes control of everything


Almighty Father, the most Holy one

We praise you and adore you Lord

We thank you Lord for today

We thank you for the gift of life

We thank you for the lessons learnt today Lord

We thank you for the wisdom you have given us to overcome challenges

We pray that you come and live in us

Lord we put you above everything living and non living

We believe in your mighty power

We know and believe you are creating a better future for us and you are reviewing our plans

We believe you are the Master of our destiny

We surrender our lives and plans into your hand

We pray that Lord you may guide us and walk along with us on our journey of life

We pray for your anointing hand to touch each one of us

Lord protect us tonight as we are about to rest

Take full control of our lives

Lord take control of our decisions; guide us to make right decisions that will enable us to succeed

Illuminate our path and lead us to the path of righteousness

Eternal Father we pray that you may use us to do your will, for the praise and glory of your name

Bless our loved ones and all your children across the world as we rest in peace, embraced in your protecting and loving arms. In your name we pray. Amen