Lord your power surpasses everything

I thank you Lord

All powerful and ever living God

I thank you for today

I thank you for the gift of life

I thank you for your power that surpasses all understanding and everything in the Universe

I believe in you alone Lord

I surrender all my burdens to you Lord

I commit all my plans to you Almighty God

I pray for wisdom to overcome life’s challenges

I pray for energy and strength to continue with my mission and purpose on earth

I pray Lord,  that you may guide me to use wisely the resources you entrusted to me

Guide and walk with me Lord as I move on my journey of life

Bless me and use me Lord to do your will

Remove fear of failure in me Lord

Open up my mind to see opportunities in challenges

Help me develop a positive approach to life so that I can succeed in life

All this I ask through your mighty name. Amen