Lord lead us to your springs of water to quench our thirst


Lord Almighty, we long and thirst for you

Our lives are helpless and lack direction without you

Father we pray for your mighty presence

Come and live in our lives

Lord have mercy on us and cleanse us from all evil

We thank you Lord for your grace

We thank you for your unconditional love

We thank you for the abundant blessings


We thank you for your wisdom that surpasses all understanding

We pray for your guidance Lord in our lives

We surrender our plans into your hand

Guide us into the path of righteousness we pray Father

We thank you Lord for always being there for us in all situations


You never change Lord, you are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow

You have been our protector, provider and you are always faithful

We don’t know how we would be without your daily intervention in our lives

We continuously say Thank you Father, may your name always be exalted high

As we are about to rest tonight, grant us peace, joy, happiness and more blessings, take control of our lives and protect us from the evil one Lord we pray. Cover us under the shadow of your wings.