Lord keep me moving forward

Thank you Lord for drawing me closer to you today,

I can feel your presence.

Lord I am responsible for my failure in life despite your mission for me

You created me to succeed in life which plan I have not yet fully appreciated

Lord   I thank for you for your continuous  tolerance of my mischievous behavior

I now surrender myself to your command

Thank you for letting me back to the fold

Today I believe Lord you created me to succeed in life

My journey for moving forward has started under your command and guidance,


Lord I pray today that you move along with me

Give me the determination and stamina to keep moving forward

Shower me with wisdom to overcome fear and other obstacles which have been holding me back

Guide me Lord   to use the wisdom  in responsible manner

Help me Lord to fulfill my purpose and mission in life

Lord I can see light in tunnel

Thank you Lord for the light

Thank you for giving me access and right to resources for my success

Thank You for your unconditional love for me

Lord I can feel the energy in me and your presence

Thank you  for taking me to greater heights than I could I imagine. I  glorify and bless your name. Amen