Lord instil in me the abundance mindset

I thank and glorify you my Lord

You are the Master of the Universe

You created the world as part of the universe and filled it with resources which mankind requires to succeed.

I have been enjoying the resources like a thief

A thief never says thank after robbing you.

He curses and abuses you

I have done exactly that

I have amassed  resources purely for selfish reasons

I cannot consume all what I have during my life time

Despite the resources I have I still continue to complain about you.

The scarcity mentality is deep routed in me

I would not mind grabbing more resources from those who have less than what I have.

Lord I am unsettled despite the resources I have

I have realised I have just grabbed resources and not tuned them into the abundance you offer

Lord on my knees I beg to tune into the abundance you offer.

Lord shower me with your wisdom to realise that accumulating resources for the sake of it is not abundance

Abundance is a state of mind and not the amount of resources

Lord fill my mind with the abundance mentality

Teach me to appreciate that the resources you created are enough for everyone.

Teach to be appreciative of what I have

Teach me to learn to count my blessings which are quite many

Teach me to share the resources I have with those who do not have the basic necessities of life

Teach to learn to help others to succeed in life

Guide me in identifying the right people filled with abundance mentality to associate with

Guide me when I am spreading the abundance mentality among your people

Give me the positive mind to listen and understand

Lord keep firm in my mission of achieving abundance

I pray that I use the resources I have for your glory. Amen